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Good day fellow art aficionados. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the driving force behind Forest & Ocean Gallery— owner, photographer and print maker, Ludo Leideritz. What began as a studio concept for his own work, F & O quickly evolved into a full-fledged gallery with input from seasoned artists that we see today. “It was a natural progression for me personally and professionally, as well as a natural fit locale-wise for where I wanted to be,” says Ludo. “Laguna Beach was originally a colony of artists, and the city maintains art as its backbone, identity and foundation.”

While you will find Ludo’s official bio added to the website soon, we’re going to start off our “Meet the Artist: 7 Questions with…” series with none other than Ludo himself. So, here goes!

F & O Team: What advice would you give an artist starting to go public with their work?

Ludo: Stay true to yourself. Many artists begin to sell their work and go too commercial because they’re not sticking to their core values and their hearts. Art is so subjective and comes from within, so don’t get caught up in creating what you think people will buy.

F & O Team: Other than your own work and the artists’ you represent, whose work do you admire?

Ludo: With regard to painting, I love Vincent van Gogh. Edward Weston was a master of platinum printing, which is also one of my mediums and Ansel Adams, of course, pioneered modern fine art photography.

F & O Team: What do you love most about your medium?

Ludo: I really have 2 media: Photography and pen and ink drawings. My drawings allow me to express in a black and white format things that are dear and true to me, while my photography, which is mostly black and white as well, is a carry over from that.

F & O Team: How do you know when a work is finished?

Ludo: When I can’t stand to look at it anymore!

F & O Team: If you weren’t an artist (or gallery owner!), what would you be?

Ludo: I would most likely be designing things for people to enjoy in their home. I actually have an extensive background in home furnishings and textiles.

F & O Team: When you’re not creating art, what are you most likely doing?

Ludo: Attempting to run a gallery and dealing with 30+ artists!

F & O Team: What is your favorite spot in Laguna Beach?

Ludo: Hands down, the gazebo near Las Brisas. I love the serenity of the space and the vista—you literally see all of Laguna and its extended shoreline.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Ludo a little better as much as we did, and you will check back with us as our blog and website continue to evolve.


F & O Team