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Artist: Judy Salinsky

Work: Mariposa and Flower


Mariposa & Flower copy

Here, artist Judy Salinsky describes her inspiration for this stunning piece:

“Butterflies are nature’s ballet dancer; beauty, grace, gliding through the sky’s stage, landing on the next available flower, ready to perform another dance within seconds.

While in my art studio, I am privileged to see Monarchs visit our garden; it brings joy and the love of nature into a day. Many years ago I learned to eliminate chemicals from our garden and was educated about the Milkweed Butterfly weed plant; one can see the population of butterflies increase.

Living close to the San Diego Animal Park, I am able to visit butterflies that come from all over the world. Walking into the enclosure is an breath-taking performance of beauty, grace and nature perfect palette fluttering before ones eyes.”

To see more of her work, please visit judysalinsky.com.