Artist: Robert A. Hansen


Robert Hansen has been a commercial / fine art photographer for over 35 years. Graduating from Brooks Institute in 1978, Robert has made a living as a custom lab owner, an architectural photographer, conducting workshops and classes, and also exhibiting his fine art photography.

Robert has won many awards with his photography including the Theisen Scholarship award from Brooks Institute, and many architectural design awards for clients including The Gold Nuggett Grand award numerous times. Robert also has designed and produced custom portfolios and books for clients. His work with Wallace Neff Jr. was first published in 1987 and recently his large format portfolio on the architecture of Wallace Neff was presented at The Huntington Library.

Robert’s fine art photography is a part of numerous private and commercial collections throughout the United States, Germany and Mexico. His 10 year project photographing in Southern Mexico was published in 2004 by Laguna Wilderness press and a number of images from his recent portfolio on Los Angeles Trolley Cars was published internationally by Poems Fine Art. Robert’s portfolio from “Yucatan Passages” is a part of the collection of Museums in the Yucatan, Mexico, The Huntington Library in Pasadena, The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and The Butler Museum of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.

Artist: Wai-Sin Tong-Darbonne

“Awesome Serenity”


An internationally recognized and honored artist, Wai Sin’s work appears in collections in the United States, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. Born in Guangdong, China in perilous times, Wai Sin survived by looking beyond struggle and hunger to find moments of beauty, lessons in resilience and spirit from nature itself. Overcoming enormous obstacles, she has become a master of Chinese calligraphy and watercolor. She has extended that mastery to include Western figure and landscape. Each painting tells a beautiful story that delights the eye and ignites the heart.

Artist: Jean Marie Christian

“Memories of a Rare Occurrence”

memories-of-a-rare-occurrence21Three happy, eccentric little trees sprout mischievously atop a rolling hill. A sparkling dewdrop clings to the tender underside of a morning glory’s leaf. Soft, buttery light warms the interior of a beach boutique shop during a cool, California dusk.

The same hand that carefully coddles each tiny, loving detail delivers a powerful punch in message. Artist Jean Marie Christian’s purpose is not to reproduce or mimic, but to see life as filtered through a keen, intuitive lens and deliver her vision to canvas truthfully. For Ms. Christian, nature’s beauty transposed onto canvas is a celebration of God’s work. Her painted landscapes are not mere pretty pictures, rather, they whisper intimately of peace and tranquility, and invite the viewer inside for meditative introspection. Each painting is part of a spiritual journey, such as Step of Faith, which allegorically addresses the conflicts that result from the twists and turns of human experience. As her Christian faith grants, Jean Marie hopes her paintings will offer peace, embrace with compassion and uplift with hope.

The range of Ms. Christian’s expression is wide. The graceful sway of hollow reeds in the landscapes of her Newport Back Bay series evokes the peacefulness of a softy-hummed lullaby captured swiftly in space and time. Many of these landscapes are painted En Plein Air in the California Impressionist style. Jean Marie dances in the other direction with the surreal nature of her expressionistic pieces. The frenetic energy and motion of her quirky Dreams & Vision series shows off her talent for whimsy. Regardless of style, all of Ms. Christian’s pieces display careful attention to nuance and detail, as well as the freedom and enjoyment of experimentation characteristic of a well-rounded artist.


“Aqua Mist”

aquamist-dt-2Our art is collaborative. We bring to it our individual vision and aesthetic influences; a different element of art, principal of design and unique sensibilities. We create our art with materials both static and re-active so something almost magical happens in the translation. It’s about interacting with natural processes and then reacting to what those natural processes do. Our painting techniques incorporate chemical reactions, viscosity interference, and gravity dispersion to create elaborate compositions mimicking nature. The result is a melding of organic, fluid and highly original work in abstract art on steel – exhibiting both delicacy and strength. In our recent series, the saturated color palette is striking, evoking one of those hard-to-believe California sunsets or the crystal clear waters in a cove.